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The co-host of the Ace & TJ Show and the shows resident “rockstar”.  In addition to his Ace & TJ Show duties, Ace has raised over $1 Million for the show’s charity “Ace & TJ’s Grin Kids”, with his band Charity Case.

Ace and his wife Shonnette have two children, Payton (girl) and Cade (boy).  Ace is an LSU graduate and takes his duties and responsibilities as such very seriously.

If not for radio Ace would be a SportsCenter anchor or professional drag racer.  His lifelong dream, still unfulfilled, is to own his own professional wrestling ring.  A boy can dream.


They say the more important someone is the fewer words are required to describe them. Having said that… Ladies & Gentlemen… TJ


The youngest member of the show… His official title is “Creative Consultant” and is responsible for just about everything you see on the website. He began as an intern in 2009 and ended up staying! He’s single and he has no kids… His first ever concert was Jimmy Buffett and he’s a BIG music fan. Every Friday, Riggins performs an original song called the “Week in Review” in which he recaps everything that happened that week on the show and in pop culture. Riggins hates confrontation and would rather live in silence…


After a 5 year hiatus from The Ace & TJ Show, GUENN is back to be “the girl” on the show. Guenn was on the show 2007 to 2011. In the time in between, in addition to marrying our friend, Kent, Guenn has had three adorable children, Brently 3 1/2. Caroline 2 & Sadie 1.