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02.11 LaVida Massage

Hollywood and the Bob Prize Patrol invite you to check out LaVida Massage off of South Evans St. in Greenville! Score BOB prizes from 4p-6p and prepare to be pampered by the professional staff at LaVida Massage!

02.14 Stevenson Mazda

Give your sweetheart exactly what they deserve! A new car from Stevenson Mazda! Check out the BOB Street Team from 11a-1p and score free BOB prizes and the amazing deals on Mazdas that will make your sweetie and your wallet happy!

02.21 Engaged Onslow Bridal Expo

Join Bob 93.3 at the ONLY place in ENC where you can find all of your wedding needs and have all of your questions answered: the Engaged Onslow Bridal Expo! Win free BOB swag from 11a-1p and register to win The Ultimate Wedding Giveaway when you purchase your tickets! This year's Expo will be held at the American Legion Building off of Broadhurst Rd. in Jacksonville! More info at engagedonlsow.com!

02.21 National Dodge

Get Happy at National Dodge in Jacksonville! Score BOB gear from 2p-4p when you say the phrase that pays, "I am BOB!"

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