Justin Timberlake getting married again?

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OK magazine, citing Life & Style Weekly Magazine, claims Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel plan to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary with a second wedding. A source tells the magazines: “Justin presented Jessica with a wooden box engraved with their wedding date, with a handwritten letter inside. Justin bared his soul in the letter and Jessica broke down in tears when she read it. Jessica wants it to be simple and elegant”


US Weekly, citing the website lovebscott.com, claims JLo is dating former baseball star Alex Rodriguez. A source tells the sites: ”He was with her in Vegas during this latest leg of her Planet Hollywood Vegas show. They were all coupled up behind the scenes, not public, but absolutely not hiding their relationship around close friends and family. It is definitely for real.”

The National Enquirer claims Caitlyn Jenner has been crushing on Boy George. A source tells the tabloid: “Caitlyn’s nervous about dating, but she’s crushing on George. She’s built a bond with him, and her friends have offered to sound out George to see if he’s interested. Cait can’t deny there’s an attraction. She’s hoping it’s more than just one-sided.”


Naughty Gossip claims Kim Kardashian was difficult on the set of Oceans Eight. A source tells the site: “Kim reported to the set Monday to film scenes for her big debut but she was terrible. She couldn’t remember her line and is a terrible actor. It took her 15 attempts to say 4 lines. Everyone was waiting hours and hours for her to get it right. It was a disaster. In the end they told her to forget her lines and just say whatever she wanted.”


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