Drama On Dancing With The Stars

Shawn Mendes wants to have his heart broken. Just Jared quotes him as saying; “I have mildly [suffered for love], not as much as I make it sound like. I need to get my heart broken so I can write another album. I don’t think I’ve ever had my heart broken. I’m lucky, but that means it has to happen. But that’s good, I can’t wait for it to happen because I’ll probably get some good songs out of it.”


People magazine claims Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Vanessa Lachey are feuding on the set of Dancing With the Stars. A source tells the magazine; “There’s a big chemistry issue. They both have big personalities and that’s not always the best recipe for a good partnership.”

A source tells the Star; ‘Her issues are starting to affect everyone. Vanessa is the boss and likes submissive men that do what she tells them to do. She wants to choreograph her own dances, select her own music and even design her own costumes. Vanessa thinks she’s the pro and the star and doesn’t want a partner – she wants an employee who does what she says. Maks is done with her and might not return to the ballroom. Vanessa’s ego is just through the roof. She acts like she is this huge celebrity, and is really just a big diva!”

A source tells Radar Online; “If Maks doesn’t return to the show by next week to dance with Vanessa, he will be fired. Vanessa can practice and rehearse with a different partner this week, but Maks must be on the ball room floor.”

Maks tweeted; “New week! VEEEEERY excited for @DancingABC new dance studio and new dance with @VanessaLachey !” the pro dancer, 37, wrote on Twitter on Tuesday, October 3, after missing the show the night before due to an undisclosed personal issue. “Can’t wait to be back at the Ballroom!”


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