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Fiona Apple is a real "Criminal!"

Sep 21, 2012 -- 11:25am

Tomorrow is the official start of fall!  So I’m not gonna feel guilty about buying those Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice Kureg cups.

..we go from mowing the lawn to raking the lawn!!


Criminal"singer FIONA APPLEwas arrested in Texas for possession of hashish and pot.   Hey she really is a Crimnial now!!   A drug-sniffing dog found the stuff in her tour bus.  Hash possession is a FELONY in that state.  Fiona Apple’s concert for Dpac next week  is still on!


WIZ KHALIFA says the first thing he bought when he got rich was a car, but he decided to keep making payments on it instead of buying it outright, because he's working on BUILDING HIS CREDIT SCORE.  Now that's GANGSTA.


According to a survey by Harris Interactive, one in four people say computer trouble is more stressful than traffic jams . . . one in five think it's worse than airport security . . . and one in eight think it's more stressful than arguing with their spouse. 


An idiot in California got sick of hearing his neighbor's gospel music . . . so he put his TV on the porch and blared a porno movie.


What could go wrong?  A couple in Georgia is building a shooting range that'll serve alcohol. 


What are the four lessons you learn from working at McDonald's, according to one of their Vice Presidents?  Dealing with people . . . no task is beneath you . . . master new skills . . . and roll with the punches. 


According to reports, Honey Boo Boo's family wants a $10,000 per episode raise.  Well, either that, OR a year's supply of pork rinds.


Shakira is pregnant.  She wanted to keep it a secret as long as possible, but she knew that sooner or later, her hips wouldn't lie.


Jason Derulo - 23  today

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