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New coaches on "The Voice"!

Sep 18, 2012 -- 11:44am

SHAKIRA and USHER are confirmed as coaches for the spring season of "The Voice".  They'll replace CHRISTINA AGUILERA and CEE LO GREEN who've opted out until the fall season.  There's also a rumor that Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj were in talks to do "The Voice" before landing gigs on "Idol"


Matchbox Twenty Were Hammered on Wine While Recording Their New Album 

 MATCHBOX TWENTY recorded their new album "North" while living together in Nashville . . . but initially, they were doing more DRINKING than WORKING.  Singer ROB THOMAS says, quote, "[We] spent, like $40,000 . . . just on the wine."

 DIDDYis guest starring on an upcoming episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".  Gotta say I love him in the Macys TV commecial.

Instead of red states and blue states, maybe we should look at drunk states and sober states this time.  Because according to new research, the 24 states with the most breweries per square mile all voted for PRESIDENT OBAMA last election.  And 18 of the 20 states with the fewest breweries voted for JOHN MCCAIN, including the nine with the fewest. 


Tomorrow is the unofficial holiday of Talk Like a Pirate Day, where you're SUPPOSED to dress and talk like a pirate.  And if you DO dress like a pirate and go into a Krispy Kreme tomorrow, they'll give you a free donut. 


Let’s all feel sorry for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg, who has lost more than $9 billion since his company's stock went public


This is the week of the new iPhone 5, which begins sales on Friday.

1.      Every employee of Yahoo is getting a brand new Apple iPhone-5

2.      Microsoft plans to give employees new Windows 8 computers and phones, and Surface tablets. All 94,000 world-wide employees.



Do Americans love their online shopping? New stats show that we'll spend $3.6 billion this year on daily deals, instant deals and "flash sales."

 HERE'S WHY YOU SHOULD READ THE LABELS ON FOOD: The study found women: They typically weigh about nine pounds less than those who don't read the labels


Nearly 27% of single women say if a bowtie is worn by a man on a first date it would ruin all chances of a second date.



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