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Chris Brown's new tattoo resembles Rihanna.

Sep 12, 2012 -- 10:48am






CHRIS BROWNgot a tattoo of a woman's face on his neck, and people were speculating that it's supposed to be RIHANNA.  But Chris' rep says it's actually a copy of a design by the MAC Cosmetics company in honor of Mexico's Day of the Dead festival. 


I posted the pic at bob933.com keyword gina..I dunno..it’s probably a reminder as to why peeps don’t like him much anymore..


JULIANNE HOUGHsays she's put on 20 pounds since she hooked up with RYAN SEACREST.  And in addition to ruining her figure, he also ruined her taste for CHEAP WINE . . . quote, "Now we always have great wine, and I can tell the difference.  So I told him, 'You ruined my life because I can't go to a friend's house and drink cheap wine anymore.'" 


Rumor has it RANDY JACKSON is back in play to be a judge on "American Idol" next season . . . after months of speculation that he'd be demoted to some sort of "mentor" role.

-At the moment, it sounds like the judges will be Randy, MARIAH CAREY, NICKI MINAJ and KEITH URBAN.  Supposedly, Randy was brought back into the mix when negotiations with ENRIQUE IGLESIAS broke down.


Here are the Top 5 shows overall last week . . .



#1.)  The Broncos and Steelers on "Sunday Night Football", NBC, 27.6 million viewers


#2.)  Last Wednesday's NFL season opener between the Cowboys and Giants, NBC, 23.9 million viewers


#3.)  NBC's "Sunday Night Football Kickoff Show", 20.1 million viewers


#4.)  The pre-game coverage for the NFL season opener on Wednesday, NBC, 18.7 million viewers


#5.)  Sunday's "Football Night in America" pre-game coverage on NBC, 13 million viewers





Singing in the car makes you drive like an OLD PERSON.  A new study found that when people sing and drive it makes them slow down and drive more carefully . . . but also slows down their reaction time.


The Red Robin burger chain is now offering a beer milkshake made with Sam Adams Octoberfest


Hangovers are like a Long Island Iced Tea -- a phenomenon made from equal parts headache, stomach pains, fuzzy mental function, and a sour mix of regret and self-hatred. . So let us pause and raise a toast to 3 things you didn't know about hangovers.


1.      The longest recorded hangover lasted four weeks

2.      Rabbit droppings were used as a hangover cure in the Old West

3.      Rich people have milder hangovers.  WHY IS THAT?  800-260-0933.

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