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How many pairs of "panties" should you own?

Sep 06, 2012 -- 2:00pm


LADY GAGA says her next album "Artpop" will be released as an app that's  "completely interactive with chats, films for every song, extra music, content, games, fashion updates, magazines, and more." 


TAYLOR SWIFT donated a pair of autographed red ballet flats to Soles4Souls . . . a charity that has delivered over 19 million pairs of shoes to people in over 125 countries. 


NICKI MINAJ is getting DEATH THREATS for rapping in a song that she's voting for MITT ROMNEY.


--"American Idol" producers have yet to decide what to do with Randy Jackson's empty chair.  So until they do, they've invited Clint Eastwood to yell at it.


What's the normal amount of underwear a person should own?  A new study found the majority of people say it's eight to 15 pairs.  But 5% say it's normal to have between 30 and 60 pairs, and 3% say it's normal to own 365 PAIRS. 



According to USA Today - 26% of teenagers have never ride a bicycle

 Scarlett Johansson is expected to speak to at the Democratic National Convention tonight

A study shows that Fantasy Football costs employers $6.5 billion.


GETTING IT ON: Thursday Is the Best Day for Sex.

According to a new study, there is a “best day” for everything – and Thursday is best for having sex.

In case you were wondering:

11.  Monday is best for buying a camera,

12.  Tuesday is the cheapest day to fly,

13.  Wednesday is best to ask for a raise

Friday is the best day for selling homes.

The reason Thursday is the best day for a roll in the hay is because our natural cortisol levels, which stimulate sex hormones, are at their highest on this day.


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