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Who is Nicki Minaj voting for?

Sep 05, 2012 -- 11:03am



 LESSONS IN LINGERIE is a guide to everything under there, including:
      •   Putting it on to take it off: the art of burlesque
      •   Playing in the dark with masks, blindfolds and other teasers
      •   What to get rid of from your lingerie drawers
      •   Selecting the right lingerie for under your wedding dress
      •   Dressing for the 7 nights of your honeymoon
      •   How to wear a garter belt
      •   Best way to care for your lingerie


Practical advice from the lingerie authority, Rebecca Apsan…SHOULD I INTERVIEW THIS WOMAN for my show?  LOL!!!


Every year, the State Fair of Texas is THE epicenter of deep fried creativity in the U.S.  And therefore, the world.  And they just announced the winners of this year's best food.  The winner was DEEP FRIED JAMBALAYA.  It beat out things like a hamburger slider with deep-fried mac-and-cheese on top, a fried bacon cinnamon roll, and fried cactus. 


According to a new survey, almost60 percent of Americans believe they chose the wrong career. HERE'S THE TEST: WOULD YOU DO IT FOR FREE? IF NOT..YOU R IN WRONG CAREER!!!


Angry Birds has a new spin-off called “Bad Piggies.”


A new study found that the tooth fairy leaves around $3 these days for a tooth. I got totally jipped..it was a quarter when I was growing up!



If your bedroom is shrouded in purple, and you sleep on satin sheets.. chances are you're a pretty passionate gal.

According to a new study, people with purple accents in the boudoir get it on more than those with any other color – three and a half times a week!



NICKI MINAJclaims she's voting for MITT ROMNEY, but she doesn't appear to be registered . . . and she may not even be a CITIZEN  Nicki came to the U.S. from Trinidad and Tobago when she was five.  She claims it was on a temporary visa . . . and Gawker was unable to determine whether or not she's an American citizen.


We have something to tell you about Clint Eastwood—and no, it has nothing to do with an empty chair.

But it's not exactly good news if you were excited about reports that the Hollywood legend is going to direct Beyoncé and Bradley Cooper in a remake of A Star Is Born.

"Just a rumor," Cooper told us last night at the premiere of his new drama, The Words, at the ArcLight Hollywood.



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