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The worst summer photo you can take

Jul 29, 2014 -- 11:36am

"Fifty Shades of Grey"had the best opening week of any trailer so far this year . . . and its first week isn't even over yet.  The clip has racked up 36.4 million views on YouTube since it was released last Thursday.  Does anyone have a tie and a blindfold?


We found a list online of sounds most people will probably never hear again, including a factory whistle starting or ending a shift . . . an old school cash register . . . a dial up modem . . . and a fax machine.


According to a new survey, the most unflattering summer photo you can take is where you're sitting down in a bathing suit, leaning forward.  The rest of the top five are:  Any photo with a muffin top . . . any photo with a double chin . . . photos where you're obviously drunk . . . and photos where you've just gotten out of the pool.


Dollar Tree has bought Family Dollar for $8.5 billion.  In singles. 



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