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A sneak peak at The Young Hollywood Awards

Jul 28, 2014 -- 11:03am

The Young Hollywood Awards are back and expect some top notch music and a few good laughs.  

Trey Songz will showcase a new version of “Na Na,” while Colbie Caillat will perform her viral hit “Try” and Derek Hough has a big dance routine planned.

On the lighter side, Kelly Osbourne will star in a skit poking fun at "Orange is the New Black," which we hear her dad Ozzy is obsessed with.

The fun kicks off tonight on The CW at 8/7c.


I love studies and surveys!  Check these out!


A new study has found that for the first time in history, men are cool with their wives being SMARTER than them.  Before 1990, couples where the women had more education were more likely to get divorced.  Now couples are more likely to get divorced when the man has more education . . . and the best bet for the marriage is if both people have the same level of education. 


A new survey came up with the body parts we hate the most, and the ones we love most.  We hate our stomachs, love handles, and upper arm flab .arm flab….you be like waving by to grand ma and your arm flab still moving and you’re in the next state!!. . . but we love our eyes, hair, and legs 

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