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Recapping the Big Game

Feb 03, 2014 -- 11:11am

OK..The Big Game hype..by now you now Denver did not show up..Bruno Mars killed it at ½ time..The Budweiser Puppy Love commercial was awesome..so was the Doberwawa...  From a money standpoint, you should count yourself LUCKY you weren't at the Super Bowl last night . . . because sodas were $6, beers were $12 to $14, and hot dogs were $13.


The new RIHANNA / SHAKIRAvideo has gotten more than 50 MILLION views since it went online Thursday night.  All you have to do is watchit and you'll see why.  Then you'll watch it again.  And again.  And again.

Catch Zedd tonight on Jimmy Kimmel

 JUNE 14th Bruno Mars at PNC Arena..BOB will have your free tickets soon!  From the moment the Bruno got the gig, he started rehearsing every day. In fact, the second he finished his Grammys performance last weekend, Bruno flew straight to the east coast to kick rehearsals into high-gear..which is why he wowed us last night!!








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