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Miley's new love?

Oct 16, 2013 -- 12:09pm

MILEY CYRUSis dating THEO WENNER. . . the son of "Rolling Stone"founder JANN WENNER.


LADY GAGArecently filmed a holiday special for ABC, which also features THE MUPPETS.  There aren't any further details . . . other than that it will air sometime later this year.


WE NOW KNOW THE NAME OF BRITNEYS SPEARS NEXT ALBUM…Britney Jean." She said that's what everyone in her family calls her. WILL.I.AM was the executive producer on the album, though Britney worked with a lot of people to get it finished. This is her 8th studio album, and it will be out on December 3rd,


THE JONAS BROTHERSstill haven't commented on why they abruptly canceled their tour . . . but the latest rumor is that the group is being "Yoko-Ono'd" by KEVIN JONAS' wife, Danielle.  Supposedly, he wants her to tag-along on tour, but that's a deal-breaker for NICK and JOE . . . because they HAVE A STRONG DISLIKE FOR her. 


"Forbes" has put together their annual list of The Highest-Paid Male TV Actors"Two and a Half Men" star ASHTON KUTCHER came in at #1 with $24 million over the past year.  His co-star JON CRYER followed with $21 million . . . and RAY ROMANO was third with $16 million.


Pecan Pie Pringles have been spotted in Dollar General stores around the country.



John Mayer - 36 



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