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BOB's Briefs for Monday, Oct. 7th 2013

Oct 07, 2013 -- 11:35am


SINEAD O'CONNOR has already LOCKED HORNS with MILEY CYRUS . . . and now, she's going after SIMON COWELL.  She accused Simon of "murdering" music . . . and slammed the music industry for exploiting kids, who "are too young to know what they're doing." 


In an interview on some late-night talk show in Ireland, Sinead said, quote, "I feel sorry for the murder of music . . . [and] rock 'n' roll, which has happened because of the industry, because of Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh . . .


"They are murderers of music . . .



"I feel that the industry does exploit people who are possibly a little too young to know what they're doing . . . all of the sexualizing of extremely young people . . . and all the worship of money, bling and diamonds . . .



"And all the 'Pop Idol' stuff, all the Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh . . . it all amounts to the murder of music."  (TMZ has video highlightsfrom the interview.  Louis Walsh is an entertainment manager, who's a judge on the British "X Factor".)



(By the way, Sinead posted a THIRD letter to Miley on Facebook on Friday, where she demanded that Miley apologize for "abusing" her and mental health issues, and threatened legal action.)



(She also demanded an apology for Amanda Bynes, and even references Britney's mental problems toward the end of the letter.  Here's her post.) 


"Gravity"had the best October opening of all time, earning $55.6 million at the box office this weekend. 

BRITNEY SPEARSwas asked about rumors that she'll lip-sync her way through her upcoming residency in Las Vegas.  She responded by saying that she "ALWAYS" sings live.  (???)


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