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Miley Cyrus was born to be who she is now...

Sep 20, 2013 -- 10:12am

JAY Zand BEYONCÉtop the Forbes.com list of the Highest-Earning Celebrity Couples.  They banked $95 million over the past year. 


In a clip from her upcoming MTV documentary, MILEY CYRUSsays, quote, "I was born to become who I am right now.  Right now I'm in a point in my career where I'm exactly what I wanna be, who I wanna be . . . You're always gonna make people talk.  You might as well make them talk for like, two weeks, rather than two seconds." 


There are rumors that TAYLOR SWIFT has been "fielding offers" to star in remakes of "Gone With The Wind", "Pretty Woman" and "A Star Is Born".  Well, don't believe them. 


Russia reportedly denied SELENA GOMEZ a visa to perform there . . . because she's in favor of gay rights. 




Phillip Phillips - 23


I think my life would be complete if I owned a Nicholas Cage pillowcase..just sayin!

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