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Today’s NEWS you can LOSE!!

Jul 30, 2013 -- 9:21am

MILEY CYRUSprefers weed to booze. (Shocked I knowShe also says her "We Can't Stop"video is tamer than a lot of what kids are watching online already. 


A bus associated with Justin Bieber's tour was stopped last night at the border between Michigan and Canada... and authorities seized both marijuana and drug paraphernalia, Justin was not on the buss at the time.

The drugs and paraphernalia were seized and the driver was issued a citation and released.



Blurred Lines", the sixth album from Robin Thicke


In a World Like This", the eighth album from the Backstreet Boys, marking their 20th anniversary as a "boy band.


"Nothing to Lose", the boy band Emblem 3 . . . who finished in fourth place on the second season of "X Factor"


By the way, Lady Gaga's first single off her next album is called "Applause", and it'll be released on August 19th.  The album, "ARTPOP", will be out November 11th


KATY PERRY'S next album is called "Prism", and it will come out on October 22nd.  She announced it by putting the title and date on a GOLD SEMI TRUCK . . . and having it drive all over Los Angeles


Today’s NEWS you can LOSE!!

.  Well done, science.  A psychologist just found the first-ever documented case of eproctophilia . . . that's when a person is turned on by the SOUND and SMELL of FLATULENCE. 



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