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Fun Tricks to Stay Cool This Summer

Jul 16, 2013 -- 11:58am

Fun Tricks to Stay Cool This Summer

 Here are a few stupid tricks that will keep you COOL this summer:  Lick your wrists, or, if you're less fun, run cold water over them . . . eat spicy foods . . . turn off your TV when you're not watching, since it generates a ton of heat . . .keep your lotion in the fridge.. and put your mattress on the floor.


Twinkies were BACK in stores nationwide yesterday . . . but they're a little different than they used to be.  The new Twinkies are listed at 38.5 grams per Twinkie . . . photos of old boxes show they used to be 42.5 grams each.  That's a 9% reduction.  The price has not been reduced. 


So..think you are a “foodie”? A new survey asked people to name the country where some foods originated . . . and at least 89% of people got them wrong.  People didn't know pasta was really invented in China . . . French fries were invented in Belgium . . . lasagna and cheesecake were invented in Greece . . . and chop suey, fajitas, and garlic bread were invented in the U.S. 


A Philadelphia restaurant is selling a hamburger in between two pieces of lasagna.  To order it, just go to the counter and say, "I'm done living."



E! News says that "numerous amounts of alcohol" were found in the Vancouver hotel room where CORY MONTEITH died over the weekend.  There were also other "substances", but there's no word yet what they were. 

KATY PERRY named her new perfume after the QUEEN song "Killer Queen", because she emulated the woman FREDDIE MERCURY sang about in the song.  The thing is:  Back in the day, Freddie said the song was about a HIGH-CLASS CALL GIRL.  It's unclear if Katy knows this. 

“AMERICAN Idol" winner Candice Glover was also going to release her debut album today, but it's been pushed back to October 8th. 

SNOW PATROL’s Frontman..Gary Lightbody has revealed he recently teamed up with Harry Styles to write material for One Direction’s upcoming album.



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