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Nicki Minaj explains her workout routine

Jul 10, 2013 -- 9:07am

On "Fox and Friends"yesterday, JUSTIN BIEBER'Smom was asked if Justin is still with SELENA GOMEZ.  She said, quote, "It depends what day it is.  I can't keep up."


If you've ever wanted to know NICKI MINAJ'Sworkout routine, here it is:  NOTHING.  … quote, "I don't work out.  I hate it.  I don't mean to sound super lazy.  I tried it for a time.  I lost my boobs.  When I feel I need to lose weight, I just change what I eat.  I cut out carbs and sugar.  I'll do water and protein and fruit." 


Despite all the breakup rumors, MILEY CYRUSand LIAM HEMSWORTHwere spotted together in Canada the other day.  He's there shooting a movie and she showed up for a visit.  Sources say the first thing they did was go to his room . . . and stay there for 24 hours.


According to a new survey, these are the four things we want to get rid of from our social network newsfeeds:  Celebrity updates . . . petitions . . . selfies . . . and pictures of FOOD.  I might as well shut down my Facebook!


You've heard of the cronut . . . the croissant-donut mashup.  Now there's the crookie . . . a croissant with crushed Oreos in it, and a melted Oreo on top..i JUST GAINED 5 LBS TELLING YOU THAT NEWS!



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