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Kim and Kayne name the baby!

Jun 19, 2013 -- 10:29am



KIM KARDASHIAN hasn't revealed her daughter's name yet, assuming she's decided on one.  But rumor has it she's been named:  Kaidence Donda West.


RIHANNA swung her MICROPHONE at a fan after they grabbed her shirt during a concert in England earlier this week..


MILEY CYRUS is hinting that she DOES smoke weed, but she doesn't think that should be a big deal.  She says, quote, "I think alcohol is WAY more dangerous than marijuana.


In Washington, a woman shaved her head to support her sister who has cervical cancer and is going through chemo.  And when the woman showed up to her job as a hairstylist, they FIRED her . . . because they said a bald hairstylist wouldn't make any sales.  She's filed harassment and discrimination claims against the salon.


A new online exposé has revealed CAP'N CRUNCH isn't really a captain . . . he only has THREE stripes on his sleeve, which means he'd be a COMMANDER in the U.S. Navy.  You need four stripes to be a captain.


A new app can calculate your life expectancy.  It's pretty simple.  It asks, "Are you using this while you drive?"  And if you say yes, it goes, "You're gonna die soon."



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