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Kayne tweets "June 18th"!!

May 03, 2013 -- 11:00am

NICKI MINAJ and MARIAH CAREY engaged in yet another little catfight on "American Idol" Wednesday . . . and Nicki continued it on Twitter.  She said, quote, "[You have to ask] why a woman SO successful at her age is still so INSECURE, and bitter?"  HARRY CONNICK JR.says he's been approached about judging "American Idol" next year

 .  TAYLOR SWIFTis guest starring on the May 14th episode of "New Girl" . . . and the cast loves her.  JAKE JOHNSON, who plays Nick Miller, said, quote, "Taylor had a little monologue and delivered it perfectly..and she just bought a 17 million dollar mansion in Rode Island..and she paid for it in cash!!!

 Iron Man 3" Hits Theaters Today.

 JUSTIN BIEBERpaused a concert in Turkey twice, to respectfully observe the Muslim call to prayer…that the Biebs concert would be over soon!!!  Jk!

 KANYE WESTcryptically Tweeted, quote, "June Eighteen" yesterday.  He didn't elaborate . . . but it's a Tuesday, so it could be the release date for his next album.  But some people are speculating that it could be something else, like KIM KARDASHIAN'S due date. 

 Police in a town in upstate New York have been trying to shut down a FEUD between two rival ICE CREAM MEN.  Mr. Ding-a-Ling had sold ice cream there for about a week . . . until Sno Cone Joe told him it was HIS turf.  Sno Cone Joe then threatened Mr. Ding-a-Ling . . . and followed his trucks around to lure customers away.  Both the owner and his girlfriend have been arrested for stalking and harassment. 


Dog fight promoters were ALREADY the worst kind of people . . . and now they've come up with an even CRUELER way to do it.  It's called "trunking", and it's becoming popular in Miami.  They put two dogs in the trunk of a car . . . turn up the music so no one can hear . . . and drive around for 15 minutes before opening the trunk to see who won. 

 Madonna says she insisted on meeting her daughter's teenage boyfriend.  You know, just to make sure they weren't dating the same dude!   LOL!!



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