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Justin and Selena..back together?

Apr 22, 2013 -- 10:54am

Over the weekend, JUSTIN BIEBERposted a picture of himself snuggling with SELENA GOMEZ, but then took it down.  Selena flew to Oslo for Justin's show Thursday, then reportedly followed him to Copenhagen for a gig on Saturday.  There's no official word that they're back together. 


TAYLOR SWIFTmay drop $24 million on a mansion in Rhode Island.  There's a photo of her checking out the place, which has seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a five car heated garage and over 700 feet of shoreline on the Atlantic Ocean.


TOM CRUISE’S NEW MOVIE   1.  (NEW)  "Oblivion", $38.2 million  AT THE BOX OFFICE.





A new study on sleep found the five things that help you sleep longer:   Doing yoga, being calm, sleeping next to someone else, ALSO “PLAYIN THE PIANO”.. or a hot shower all help.  And the five things that COST you sleep are:  Being alert, having a partner who snores, charging your phone next to your bed, watching a movie, and having a fan on. 


We've finally got a scientific explanation for why you forget people's names right after you meet them.  Researchers found that your brain takes 30 minutes to two hours to decide whether new information is worth remembering.  So if you meet someone and can't remember their name, it's because your brain decided it wasn't IMPORTANT ENOUGH.




I am celebrating by not taking a shower and wearing my TEVAS!




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