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Selena Gomez Tour Dates!

Apr 16, 2013 -- 11:21am

.  Here's a new layer of tragedy on yesterday's bombing.  The marathon was actually dedicated to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.  And several Newtown families were at the race . . . and seated in a VIP section near where the explosions went off.  There's no word on whether any of them were injured or killed. 


POSSIBLE NEW COUPLE ALERT!!!!   KESHA And HARRY STYLESfrom ONE DIRECTION!!.  Kesha says, quote, "We've texted here and there.  No sexting . . . not yet.  Maybe he can be my cougar bait.  It could be really fun." 


SELENA GOMEZhas announced a ton of tour dates, beginning with a show in Vancouver on August 14th.  For more information, including a full itinerary, hit up SelenaGomez.com.


 .  According a new survey, it takes the average woman seven and a half months to feel totally comfortable with a guy.  And three ways to tell are:  She starts burping . . . breaking wind . . . and STOPS wearing makeup and matching underwear.  It only takes guys a few WEEKS to be totally comfortable..


So it's come to this?  Groupon is selling half-priced pregnancy tests.


Not wearing a bra is actually better for your physical condition.  So by that logic, Miley Cyrus is the healthiest woman to ever walk the earth!



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