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Tuesday BOB's BRIEFS!

Apr 02, 2013 -- 11:13am

JUSTIN BIEBERTweeted a phone number that was supposedly his, and said he was taking calls from his fans.  But the number was actually TMZ's toll-free tip line.


21-Year-Old "Buckwild" Star Shain Gandee Was Found Dead Yesterday . . . After an Apparent "Mudding" Accident  (. . . continued . . .Production on Season Two has been halted indefinitely . . . but MTV wouldn't comment on the show's future, which is now in doubt, naturally.


The cruise industry has been getting some pretty SERIOUS complaints lately . . . so here's a survey that found some of the LESS serious ones.  Cruise employees shared the most ridiculous complaints they'd heard, including people complaining that the sea was too loud, that it was too hard to get a tan in Alaska, and they spent too much in tips because the service was so good.




You know the 44-year-old DEADBEAT DAD from Passaic, New Jersey who won $338 million in the Powerball last week?  He paid the $29,000 he owed in back child support yesterday, AND he says he's going to pay the rent for EVERYBODY on his block for the next "month or two". 




Where else can you buy ammo AND imitation crab meat?

Where else can you get a WWE T-shirt AND an engagement ring?


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