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Justin Timberlake joins the "Five Timers" club

Mar 11, 2013 -- 10:56am

Taylor Swift will be keeping her CPA busy!  She made 57 million last year! 

 RIHANNA says she's suffering from laryngitis . . . and because of that, she was forced to cancel her show in Boston last night.  The show will be rescheduled. 

 LADY ANTEBELLUM'SHILLARY SCOTTconfirmed that she's expecting a baby girl . . . and that her only two cravings are Pop-Tarts and sleeping.  She said, quote, "My biggest craving for sure . . . naps!" 

Justin Timberlake was inducted into Saturday Night Live’s exclusive Five-Timers Club by Tom Hanks, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin as he hosted the sketch show again over the weekend.


Yesterday, Americans lost an hour.  Unless you really had too great of a time Saturday night..then you lost half a day!

 A health care company in Florida wants to improve employee morale . . . with Beer Cart Fridays



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