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Chris Brown "strikes" again!

Mar 08, 2013 -- 11:05am


Today is Be Nasty Day!

It's also International Working Women's Day!

                                BOB’S BRIEFS!


CHRIS BROWN was caught on video blowing up at the valet parking guy at a bowling alley over a TEN DOLLAR CHARGE, then he and his posse went to a bowling alley and Chris grabbed the mic and slammed Drake. (makin yo mama proud Chris!)


Taylor Swift has a framed photograph hanging in her home of KANYE WEST'S asinine moment when he barged in on her "MTV Video Music Awards" speech in 2009.


Justin Timberlakehosting and performing on SNL this weekend!



A couple in Missouri who won a $136.5 MILLION Powerball jackpot in November just made their first big purchase . . . they donated $50,000 to help fund a new SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT.  They're also going to be funding other civic projects, including a new fire station, a new park, and a scholarship fund.


Facebook is revamping the News Feed, with bigger photos and more ads.  Prepare to be outraged. 


On this day in the year 2029:  Kim Kardashian's teenage daughter will be in for a big surprise when she Googles her mom's name and Ray J.


Chingy - 33today…known for chillin at the Holiday Inn…. Never got famous enough for Courtyard By Marriot!





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