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Is Ed Sheeran Taylor's new boy toy?

Mar 06, 2013 -- 10:21am

 Nicki Minajhas fired her stylist, her hairdresser and her makeup artist.  The most surprising part of this story: Nicki Minaj had a stylist, hairdresser, and makeup artist.

 Ed Sheerandenying that he is Taylor Swift’s latest boy toy after the two were seen in a London hotel room til 4am.  Hey the kids were just comparing set lists for the upcoming tour together right? 

One Direction's Harry Styles is apparently getting SERIOUS about the band's security…Specifically when it comes to the North American leg of their world tour!  He's mentioned high-security cars like the ones used by military top brass, plus a convoy." Oh the woes of being in a boy band and crushing our sweetie, Taylor Swift’s heart!!


-According to a new study, men lie THREE TIMES more often than women.  The top lies men tell are:  "Yes, I've done that" . . . "I didn't have a cell phone signal" . . . and "I'm on my way."  The top lies women tell are:  "I'm fine" . . . "I'm on my way" . . . and "It was on sale." 


-The Hottest New Diet Involves Eating Everything in Sight for Five Days . . . Then Almost Nothing for Two..and this is new?  Welcome to my world!!


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