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The Lumineers get "slapped" by Sir Elton John

Feb 26, 2013 -- 10:14am



MICHAEL JACKSON'S oldest son, 16-year-old PRINCE MICHAEL, will make his acting debut on the season finale of "90210" in May. 


MUMFORD & SONS' second album, "Babel", won Album of the Year at the Grammys.  But the band says their next album will have a slightly different sound.BEN LOVETT says, quote, "[The first] two albums are like 'brothers.'  [We'd like to] do something that's a 'cousin.'" 


"Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" will start being broadcast in Europe, Australia and Latin America. 


At the Grammys, ELTON JOHN told THE LUMINEERS that he was a fan.  Their drummer said, "There's no frigging way you listen to our album" . . . and Elton responded by slapping him in the face and saying, "The hell I didn't!  I definitely did!"  (???)  The band considers this a "special moment." 





This is one of those times where the POWER OF FACEBOOK is used for PURE GOOD.  Last month, a 70-year-old British Marines veteran with no family died in a nursing home.  The Royal Marines Association put up a post on Facebook asking for people to come to his funeral.  And on Thursday, at least TWO HUNDRED PEOPLE did.


90% of people fantasize about co-workers and friends.  There's even a name for people like this:  men. Hee hee!




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