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Feb 19, 2013 -- 9:51am

This is a condensed version of the email I received from Jodi Thomas of Havelock, Connor's mom.  Please read! 


I'm writing about my 2 yr old son Connor who has Chiari l Malformation.  From when Connor was a few weeks old, I knew something was different about him.  He was a very unhappy baby.  It was beyond colic.  Many doctors saw him and he was dismissed. 

In May 2012, Connor had a seizure.  He went blue and lifeless.  As my husband was on the phone with 911, I stared CPR.  Upon ariving at the hospital in the ambulance, the doctors said his seizure was a fluke and probably would not happen again.  Not even 24 hours later, another seizure.  An MRI and a phone call in late September forever changed our lives.."Mrs. Thomas, your son has Chiari I Brain Malformation.  Doctors had no clue of treatment, was he going to die, what could I do?  I have been researching everyday to spread awareness..click the link below to find out more on Connor!





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