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Feb 01, 2013 -- 11:59am



35% of us want the 49ers to win . . . 31% want the Ravens . . . and 34% don't care.  Men prefer the Ravens by a 37% to 35% margin, and women want the 49ers to win by a 35% to 25% margin.  Republicans are 49er fans by a large margin . . . 43% to 26% . . . and Democrats prefer the Ravens, 39% to 33%.


Over 1.23 BILLION chicken wings will be scarfed down over Super Bowl weekend


BEYONCE will be singing live at the Superbowl!


SELENA GOMEZwas informed that all the guys in ONE DIRECTIONsaid that if they could pick any celebrity to kiss, they'd pick Selena. 


Taylor Swiftsigned an endorsement deal with Diet Coke.  Aww..they’re both artificially sweet1  (Just kiddin)


RIHANNAhas shaved the side of her head.  See the pic at bob933.com keyword gina.







Stallone's "Bullet to the Head" and the Zombie Love Story "Warm Bodies":



#1.)  "Bullet to the Head"  (R)  Trailer 1and Trailer 2



Sylvester Stalloneplays a hitman who teams up with a cop, and goes after the people who killed their partners and kidnapped Stallone's daughter.  She's played by the very sexy Sarah Shahi from "The L Word" and "Fairly Legal".



--The cop is played by Sung Kang from "Fast Five", and Jason Momoa from "Conan" and "Game of Thrones" plays the villain.  Christian Slater and the guy who played Mr. Eko on "Lost", Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, are also in it.




#2.)  "Warm Bodies"  (PG-13)  Trailer 1, Trailer 2and the First 4 Minutes



A zombie love story about "the power of human connection."  It stars Nicholas Hoult from "X-Men: First Class" as a zombie named 'R', who starts to become more human after rescuing a human survivor from a group of other zombies.



--She's played by Teresa Palmer from "I Am Number Four", and John Malkovich plays her dad.  Rob Corddry from "The Daily Show" is R's best friend, another zombie named 'M' who also starts to turn human because of R's romance.



(--Enjoy some poorly censored zombie acting tips from Rob Corddry here.)




#3.)  "Stand Up Guys"  (R)  Trailer. . . Expands nationwide February 1st



Al Pacinohas just served 28 years for refusing to give up one of his mob buddies.  Christopher Walken is a friend who picks him up from prison . . . and who's also been given the job of killing him before morning.



--As Walken agonizes over the decision to kill his best friend or not, the two of them team up for one last night on the town with another old gangster, who's played by Alan Arkin"ER" minx Julianna Margulies is also in it.


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