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Now what did Justin Bieber do?

Jan 28, 2013 -- 11:20am

JUSTIN BIEBER is accused of assaulting a woman . . . with a NERF GUN.  It happened before a gig in Ottawa.  Justin and his brother and sister were having a Nerf gun fight, and a female employee of the arena got hit with a dart.  She called police, who are investigating for some reason.


CHRIS BROWN and FRANK OCEAN got into a "huge fight" outside a recording studio in L.A. last night.  Supposedly, Frank rolled up . . . saw that Chris was there . . . and he and his crew blocked Chris from leaving. 


RANDOM  FACT OF THE DAY..:  A study finds that 33% of women will cheat on their partners at some point in their life.  And that "point" is when they find out their Pilates instructor looks like Ryan Gosling and talks like the Dos Equis guy.



The price of stamps jumps a penny to 46 cents today: I’M GOING TO EMAIL THE Postmaster and find out wassup with this?





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