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Now you can smell like Pizza Hut 24/7!

Dec 07, 2012 -- 11:14am


Pearl Harbor Day. Pay your respects to the WWII vets in your life

Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, begins this year at sundown on Saturday December 8th


Pizza Hut is now introducing a pizza-scented perfume that smells like the hand-tossed, tomato- and cheese-laden goodness.

But if you want a bottle, get it now! The company has only produced a limited supply of 110 bottles of the smelly stuff, and, no, they don’t guarantee to deliver it in 30 minutes or less. (Gawker)



Sony is about to release the first ever ultra high-definition television.

It’s a massive 84-inch set that retails for $25,000 – and features nearly four times the resolution of typical high-def TVs.

The TV will also come with a tablet computer, which can be used as a touchscreen remote control. (Washington Post)


Weight Watchers is angry at Jessica Simpson for getting pregnant with her second kiddo before she finished out her endorsement deal.


  • 8 absolute worst gifts you could give your wife!
    1. A Weight Watchers Scale. Or any scale for that matter, unless you have a death wish.
    2. Lip Wax Kit. Stay out of the doghouse by letting everyone make their own grooming choices.
    3. Porn. Some women like it, but this is pretty much telling the missus she needs improvement between the sheets.
    4. A Vacuum Cleaner. This is a necessity for the house, much like a toaster, microwave or iron. Don't insult her by assuming she adores doing everyone's chores.
    5. Feminine Hygiene Products. Yes, we use these every month but gifts aren't always meant to be practical.
    6. PlayStation 3. Let's not pretend this is actually for her, just put your name on the tag, say it's from Santa and make life easy for everyone.
    7. Gift Certificate to BoobJobsRUs. Kidding about giving "the girls" a boost is entirely different than going under the knife. Note to the wise: don't ever joke with your wife about getting any sort of plastic surgery.
    8. Spanx. Men may know about them, but you're not supposed to. Please don't ruin the mystique. (Source: TheStir.com) (Lee)


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