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What won't be served this Thanksgiving!

Nov 14, 2012 -- 10:21am



Fun. and Ne-Yo have been added to the lineup for The Grammy Nominations Concert Live!! -- Countdown To Music's Biggest Night, joining previously announced performers Luke Bryan and Maroon 5.LL Cool J and Taylor Swift will co-host the one-hour concert special, where artists perform and Grammy nominations in several key categories will be announced... hence the clever show name. The fun happens at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena on Wednesday, December 5 from 10-11pm ET on CBS. Following the one-hour live show, Bridgestone Arena guests will enjoy an exclusive one-hour concert by Maroon 5. Stay tuned as additional performers and presenters will be announced shortly. For updates and breaking news, please visit grammy.com.



Josh Duhamel turns 39 today. Married to Fergie -- no gift needed.


It's the beginning of cold and fluseason.




Call of Duty: Black Ops 2: The long-awaited game is out. lots of dudes calling in sick to work....hahah



CHAMPAGNE: Harvest Declines 40% in 2012

The word on the grapevine is that Champagne is about to become even more expensive. The French harvest of special champagne grapes was down 40% from last year. Agriculture officials say it was “the lowest harvest in at least 40 years.” The weather devastated the crops, meaning only one thing: Higher prices are around the corner



TEXTING: Volume Down for First Time


Parents of teenagers probably won't believe this, but text messaging is down for the first time in U.S. history.


Last quarter, the average number of messages sent by a cell-phone customer dropped from 700 a month to 675. That also meant that the profit that cell providers make on texting was also down



Jessica Simpson is showing off her new body these days, after dropping somewhere between 60 and 70 pounds of baby weight.



BLING: Recovered Titanic Jewels to Go on Display


Most of the jewelry recovered from the wreckage of the Titanic will go on public display for the first time with a tour.


The jewelry is from a single bag found during a 1987 mission to the bottom of the ocean. The collection includes diamond and sapphire rings, brooches, necklaces, cuff links and a gold pocket watch.


Although single pieces of the jewelry have been on display at one or more exhibits before, this is the first time people will be able to see all the bling at the same time. (Los Angeles Daily News)



KALE – IT’S WHAT’S FOR THANKSGIVING DINNER (keepn up with the jones's)


Say goodbye to the green beans and tell the mashed potatoes you’ll miss them because the new trend in Thanksgiving side dishesall point to kale.


Chefs are doing everything to the leafy green, from braising it to creaming in. And if you want to keep up with this year’s seasonal trends, you’ll do it too!



JANEANE GAROFALO: Didn't Know She Was Married for the Past 20 Years


Janeane Garofalo has been a married woman for the past 20 years -- and didn't even know it.


The comedian recently revealed that she wed producer Rob Cohen in Las Vegas as a joke in the 1990s, not realizing it was for real. At a New York Comedy Festival reunion for The Ben Stiller Show, she explained, "We got married drunk in Vegas... We dated for a year, and we got married at a drive-through chapel in a cab. [We thought] you have to go down to the courthouse and sign papers and stuff, so who knew? We were married, and apparently now that [Rob] is getting married for real, his lawyer dug up something."


The two got divorced Saturday. Rob, who was a writer on The Ben Stiller Show, is engaged to Jill Leiderman, a producer on Jimmy Kimmel Live.





Even if you think sexting is fun, you have to admit there’s a lot at stake when you send a dirty picture to someone because those dirty pictures live on ... forever.


That might be changing.


The new app called Snap Chat lets you send any type of picture you want and when the person you send it to receives it, they can only see the picture for three seconds before it gets deleted forever.


It’s kind of like Mission: Impossible – this picture will self-destruct in three seconds …


The picture might be gone – but it’s probably not forgotten. (HSJ.org)




While most guys think they’d like to spend the rest of their life with a bimbo cheerleader, the truth is, that would get boring pretty fast.


Over the long haul, guys want a great companion – which means they want a woman they have something in common with.


In order to keep things interesting, here are some examples of things guys wish women were into:


Video Games – If you’re dating or married to a woman who’s into video games, the two of you always have something to do together … and you don’t even have to talk to her very much.


Sports – We’re talking about real sports here, not gymnastics and figure skating.


Sci-Fi – Sci-fi guys are consumed by their hobby. If they’re dating a woman who doesn’t like it, they’re destined to lead a lonely life.


Cooking – If your wife or girlfriend loves to cook, life is good. Just ask a guy whose wife or girlfriend hates to cook.



GIF: Oxford Dictionary ‘Word of the Year’


The word geeks at the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) have identified their favorite word of the year. It is GIF – the acronym for “graphic interchange format."


Otherwise, GIF is what we know are those funny split-second video animations. The people at Oxford are impressed that GIF is no longer a noun, but this year it’s become so popular that GIF can be used as a verb.



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