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WHITE HOUSE; How much does it cost?

Nov 06, 2012 -- 10:34am

ELECTION: Weird Facts About Politics and Elections

Here’s a rundown of some weird facts about politics and elections.

It’s Voting Day. Finally. After today, the constant barrage of political commercials will end. Unfortunately, the bickering probably will not.

Here’s a rundown of some weird facts about politics and elections:

1. Politicians are almost never photographed wearing sunglasses. They know that if a person's eyes are hidden, people trust them less.

2. In Nevada, you can vote for “none of the above.”

3. Titles are forever. Once you’ve been elected president, people will always call you Mr. President.

4. Four times in American history, the candidate with fewer votes wound up being president. The last time this happened was in 2000 when George Bush was elected, despite losing the popular vote by 500,000 votes.



Did you know two states still ban alcohol sales on Election Day?  People in Kentucky and South Carolina can't buy booze today. 


WHITE HOUSE: How Much Does It Cost?

People say money can "buy" you the White House – but have you ever wondered how much it would cost to actually purchase the most famous house in the country?

According to real estate estimates, buying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue would run you a whopping $284.9 million. That's up from 2008, when it was worth an estimated $280.8 million.



Justin Bieber has a blow up doll modeled after him. It’s for women and men.  For just 32.95, you can have the Biebs wherever you go.  Take him to a movie, set him up in a chair at the dinner table..and then later get your Beeb on!


A website called GossipCop.com says that CHANNING TATUMwill be named "People"magazine's Sexiest Man Alive for 2012.  "People" won't confirm or deny.  They'll make the official announcement next Wednesday. 


KIM KARDASHIANhit the gym in Miami yesterday . . . and parked her Rolls in a HANDICAP SPOT.  And to make matters worse, she was taking up TWO spots.



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