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Rihanna's 777 Tour!

Nov 01, 2012 -- 12:31pm


Just a reminder, today is National Men Make Dinner Day.




This is the "Fall Back" weekend, when we get an extra hour of sleep on Saturday night and return to Standard Time.


According to a new survey, women don't REALLY know how to cook until age 55.  The average woman makes her first cake when she's 21 . . . her first romantic dinner at 23 . . . and hosts a dinner party at 26.  But she still has to follow recipes and measure ingredients.  55-year-olds can make 15 different meals without a recipe .


According to a new study, the average new parent drives 1,300 miles a year just to get their baby to fall asleep.  That's about 25 miles a week . . . or about $275 worth of gas in a year.


What's the MOST ANNOYING HAND GESTURE people use today?  In a new poll, fist pumping and putting your finger to your lips to "shhh" someone tied for first place.


RIHANNA has announced a promotional tour to coincide with her album release this month.  She's calling it her "777 Tour" . . . and it features "seven shows in seven days in seven countries." 


SUPERSTORM SANDY: Death Toll Past 70

As of Wednesday night, the death toll from superstorm Sandy was up to 74 and was expected to go higher as workers continue search-and-rescue and cleanup efforts.


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