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Rihanna's new $250 CD!

Oct 31, 2012 -- 11:44am

A quick update on Superstorm Sandy:  There have been 59 reported deaths in the U.S., and one in Canada . . . about 6.3 million people still don't have power, and some might not get it back for WEEKS . . . New York has canceled its Halloween parade, and most cities affected by the storm have rescheduled trick-or-treating . . . but the Presidential election probably WON'T be rescheduled.


Here's your reminder to BE CAREFUL TONIGHT.  According to Triple-A data, Halloween is THE most deadly night for pedestrians.  And obviously it's especially dangerous for children . . . more than twice as many kids get killed by cars on Halloween than any other night. 


And How Many Glasses Can You Carry?
We weren't aware there was a world record for this but Britain's Philip Osenton has smashed the world record for the number of wine glasses held in one hand. It only makes sense that the 43-year-old wine consultant should hold the record.He managed to grasp 51 wine glasses in one hand,..that’s nothing..I can do that and all mine are full of wine!!!!  FOR ME!!!!!


RIHANNA is putting out a $250 version of her next album "Unapologetic", which features:  A handwritten note from Rihanna, a Rihanna View-Master, a Rihanna shirt, Rihanna lithographs and a Rihanna flash drive.  So basically, it's everything that the richest, creepiest Rihanna fans would want.



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