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Things you didn't know about Taylor Swift

Oct 23, 2012 -- 11:21am


Big week for Maroon 5.. Not only did the band just announce a forthcoming North American concert tour with Neon Trees and Owl City, the next Maroon 5 single, "Daylight" is already loaded into the chute and is set to debut on Thursday, Nov. 8 on Adam Levine's little local cable-access show, The Voice.


JUSTIN TIMBERLAKEand JESSICA BIELgave "People" magazine the exclusive on their wedding.  Coverage will hit People.com tomorrow.  Justin says the wedding was "magical" and Jessica calls it "a fantasy".  Meanwhile, we've also learned that Jessica wore a PINK dress . . . and that JIMMY FALLONwas among the wedding guests. 


Believe it or not, there are things you DON'T know about TAYLOR SWIFT.  For example, she won a national poetry contest when she was in the 4th grade . . . she wrote a novel when she was 12 . . . and her grandma was an opera singer. 



It's no secret that celebrities make a lot of money, but much of their salary is based on appearance fees – and, seriously, these pay days just don't seem fair! Check out how much some stars get paid just to show up to an event:

3.      Rhianna: She is getting a whopping $8 million for showing up at a London mall, singing a few songs, and turning on their Christmas lights for a holiday party.

4.      Christina Aguilera: She got paid$1 million for showing up at a private Halloween party for an hour! A million dollars an hour?! To go to a party?! Why would anyone pay that?

5.      Snooki: Pocketed $30 grand to do a Q & A session at Rutgers University. That doesn't seem all that unreasonable – until you realize that she got more than author Toni Morrison did for a similar event. Now that defies reason.

6.      Kelly Clarkson: Gets $300 grand for an appearance at a private event.

7.      Mariah Carey: Mariah charges $250 K per song, with a four-song minimum at any private event. A million bucks for four songs is a good day at work

8.      Cher: Gets $1.5 million for showing up at an event.



According to a new survey, the average multimillion jackpot winner buys 2.7 houses . . . pays off a friend or relative's mortgage . . . and buys 5.7 cars each.  Audis and Range Rovers were the most popular.  One in three also bought a hot tub . . . one in five kept their current job . . . and one in three gave to charities


Ryan Reynoldsturns 36 today.  Asked what he wants for his birthday, he said, "I think I'd just like to keep being Ryan Reynolds."


Kristen Stewartis promoting the newest "Twilight" flick in Japan while Robert Pattinson is in Australia.  So, just how DO you say, "Ladies, watch your husbands!" in Japanese?



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