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What you didn't know about Taylor Swift?

Oct 18, 2012 -- 11:47am


No Beard Day -


SOMETHING TO SHOP FOR TODAY! Among Autumn’s amazing trends are leather shorts.

According to new research, women are more likely to give men their phone number when approached at this location. Where? (At the bakery)


 Taylor SwiftDoubts Herself 400,000 Times Every 10 Minutes . . . And She's Going to Be Everywhere Next Week Promoting Her Album..RED..which comes out next Monday.


It looks like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are finally getting hitched tomorrow at a secret location in Italy.


Did you see the premiere of American Horror Story last night on FX?  I am giving props to Adam Levine.  He was awesome..  he got killed way too fast but oh well!


According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, the average person is going to spend $750 this holiday season . . . about nine dollars more than last year.  And six in 10 people plan to spend a large portion of that money on THEMSELVES . . . an average of $140


A new website called YouTell.com launched.  You sign up for the site, alert your friends, and they give you completely anonymous feedback on what they like and don't like about you.  So if your friends have always wanted to tell you about your horrible body odor, your bad breath, that they hate how you're always late, or how your boyfriend or girlfriend is completely wrong for you . . . they can do it anonymously.  Good luck with that.




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