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The government sure knows how to waste some money!

Oct 17, 2012 -- 10:48am


-Women's Feet are More Than Double the Size of Women 100 Years Ago


--More Than Half of Us Contact 10 Friends on Social Networks While We're at a Romantic Dinner


--The World's Oldest Father Has Broken His Own World Record, By Having a Child at Age 96


--The Top Ten Things the Government Wasted Taxpayer Money On Last Year Include a Gaydar Study, Moroccan Pottery Classes, and Making Pennies



An 18-year-old cancer victim who couldn't make a JUSTIN BIEBERconcert received a personal visit from Justin at the hospital on Monday.  The woman's friend had Tweeted Justin over the weekend and asked him if he could stop by and see her because she was missing his gig. 


The site 11Points.com has put out a list of 11 Songs Forever Ruined By Artists Revealing Their True Meanings . . . and it includes "Like a Virgin" being about a MAN, "My Sharona" being about an underage girl, and "In the Air Tonight" NOT being about ANYTHING remotely interesting. 


A senator from Oklahoma just released his annual report on the most egregious ways the government wasted tax dollars last year.  Overall, he found the government blew $18 BILLION on things including pottery classes for people in Morocco, a study to figure out if gaydar is real, robot squirrels, better-tasting beef jerky, and a study on the size of golf holes

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