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The world's most irritating sound is...???

Oct 16, 2012 -- 11:09am

JOHN MAYERand KATY PERRYhaven't broken up after all.  They were photographed out on the town in New York City Sunday night.  John Mayer is 35 today btw!


A British tabloid claims ADAM LAMBERT has insured his voice for $48 million.  A so-called "source" says, quote, "Insurance for stars is a big deal in the U.S. and Adam's voice is his bacon.  He had it insured last week." 


The current issue of "Rolling Stone" has the details of TWO fender benders that TAYLOR SWIFT had in the same day.  In one she hit her bass player's car . . . and in the other a corvette sideswiped her . . . and she saw her life "flash before her eyes.


Hopefully this makes you feel a little better about how OLD you are.  Forget people who say 40 is the new 30.  Apparently, SEVENTY is the new 30.  At least compared to our ancestors.  A new study found that a 70-year-old today has the same odds of dying as a 30-year-old did around 10,000 years ago. 



There are 68 days until Christmas. SNUGGLE SEASON IS UPON US!!!

The world's most irritating sound has been discovered! It's either the sound of a knife scraping against a glass bottle!!!!


Here’s a rundown of the states that drink the most beer:

10. Delaware – 34.3 gallons per person

9. Nebraska – 34.6 gallons per person

8. Texas – 34.6 gallons per person

7. Vermont – 34.7 gallons per person

6. Wisconsin – 36.2 gallons per person

5. Nevada – 36.5 gallons per person

4. South Dakota – 38.0 gallons per person

3. Montana - 40.6 gallons per person

2. North Dakota - 42.2 gallons per person







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