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Beyonce says no to Clint Eastwood

Oct 11, 2012 -- 11:33am


BEYONCÉhas backed out of CLINT EASTWOOD'Sremake of "A Star Is Born"because they couldn't get their schedules to gel.  She says, quote, "Hopefully in the future [Clint and I] will get a chance to work together.


CARLY RAE JEPSEN'Smasterpiece "Call Me Maybe" might not have happened, because Carly was supposed to be recording a FOLK album . . . but her heart wasn't in it.  In the end, she decided to give in, "break all the rules" and record a pop album.


TAYLOR SWIFTtold "Rolling Stone" that she falls in love "really fast" and doesn't "think too hard" about it.  She also wants you to know there is no truth to the rumor that she flew CONOR KENNEDY to Nashville on her private jet


2012 Vice Presidential Debate"tonight. . . 9:00 to 11:00 P.M. Eastern on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.


Americans will spend a record $370 MILLION on Halloween costumes for their pets this year, mostly on dogs.  So far, the five most popular pet costumes are superhero, elephant, lederhosen, taco, and chef. 


These are either the most COMFORTABLE cities in the U.S. . . . or the cities where the most people have GIVEN UP on trying to look attractive.  A new survey found the cities that buy and wear the most SWEATPANTS.  Philadelphia came in first . . . Hartford, Connecticut was second . . . and Pittsburgh was third. 


Can your NAME predict your CREDIT SCORE?  A new study found people with names like Brian, Alan, Helen, and Susan have the highest average credit scores, and people with names like Daniel, Lee, Lisa, and Victoria have the lowest. 


VICE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE  TONIGHT.. GOTTA WONDER IF JOE BIDEN IS THINKING….So lemme get this straight:  the president needs ME to save HIM?  Ooookay.



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