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The "American Idol" feud is real!

Oct 09, 2012 -- 11:20am

An "American Idol" source says the MARIAH CAREY / NICKI MINAJ feud is "very real," and that the show wasn't able to film promos with them together last week.  Also, the staff and crew is supposedly so fed up with it . . . that they're already wishing JENNIFER LOPEZ and STEVEN TYLER were back. 


KATY PERRY had PRESIDENT OBAMA on her fingernails when she performed at a fundraiser this weekend. 


The Answer:    Gasoline and Snoop Lion.

The Question:  Name two things in California that have reached an all-time high.



 Jerry Sandusky could be sentenced to 400 years in prison today

PREZ UPDATE: According to a new national poll, the first conducted after the debate, Mitt Romney is now up four points over President Obama.

 Winter blend gasoline is being released to help reduce the price at the pump.

  This year, the world will buy $350-million worth of Slinky



According to a new survey, technology makes it easier to prank people . . . but the old-fashioned "jump out and scare someone" is still the most popular, and prank calls were second.  Posting something embarrassing when a friend leaves their Facebook page open is third . . . followed by sending fake texts from their phone when they're not looking.


Oktoberfest in Germany ended this past weekend, and the final stats are in.  About 500,000 fewer people attended this year than last year . . . but all signs suggest they got WAY drunker.  They drank more . . . committed more crimes . . . and there was a 20% increase in people passing out drunk.


A cab driver in Vegas returned $221,000 in cash that someone left behind . . . and got a $2,000 tip. 



Pasta Month -- Did you know that the pasta you crave reveals your personality.

You have a quick wit and high intelligence, and there is nothing you like better than a challenge. People in your circle look to you when they have a problem to solve. You possess superior organizational skills that you use to keep your household running smoothly while getting high marks from a demanding boss for your competence and expertise on the job.

Spaghetti and Meatballs
There's nothing you desire more than spending most your time with your family. Your job is important simply because it provides the money you need to support your loved ones. They are the center of your universe, and the strong bonds you have with your family give you the self-confidence you need to meet any challenge.

Fettuccine Alfredo
You appreciate the finer things in life, and you're willing to work hard to get them. A veteran shopper, you manage to find the most amazing bargains, and both friends and family appreciate your generosity -- you have the best taste in gifts. You also have the ability to stick to a strict budget in order to save enough cash for that special indulgence.

Macaroni and Cheese
You've never lost the wide-eyed wonder you had as a child. You thoroughly enjoy life with an infectious gusto that draws people to your side. Having fun is your top priority, and you are usually in charge of group outings and parties. Your upbeat, positive approach to life is a source of inspiration to others.

Pasta Primavera
You strive to live the healthiest life possible, and you are raising your kids in your image by making sure they eat a healthful diet and get plenty of exercise. You bring the same zest to other aspects of your life, never losing sight of your goals. You're known for your tenacity and both your family and pals often turn to you when things get rough.


 The vice-presidential candidates debate Thursday night. I'M GONNA WATCH PAINT DRY INSTEAD.


Red Bull is trying flavors -- lime, blueberry and cranberry. (WONDER IF IT WILL EFFECT BIEBERS COLOR OF PUKE?)



Well, now we have heard it all. Apparently the new trend in Japan is for women to wear adult diapers – so they don't have to waste time or energy taking bathroom breaks at work. One 25-year-old woman confessed to wearing a diaper to work for the last six months to save her the trouble of having to use the toilet. Wow.









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